Teen Lounge 

Found within the Eureka Teen Center

Contact us at teenlounge@bgcredwoods.org

Clubhouse Kids

Teen Lounge Mission

The Teen Lounge provides youth ages 13-18 in Humboldt County with a supportive environment that facilitates the development of positive character and learning ways to live constructive and meaningful lives. Teen Lounge hosts a variety of activities, workshops, field trips, and peer groups that focus on emotional support, personal development, and fun. Students sign up for events in-person at the Teen Lounge. Check out the upcoming events in the Lounge below!


Teen Lounge is located in the middle room within the Eureka Teen Center.

939 Harris Street Eureka, CA 95503



Unit Director:
Kelly Fabian
Phone: (707) 449-7482
Email: teenlounge@bgcredwoods.org


School Year:
Mon: 4pm-8pm
Tues: 4pm-8pm
Wed: 4pm-8pm Fri: 4pm-8pm   Rides home available for participating students


Clubhouse Ultimate Journey

About Us

Teen Lounge staff are here to support student growth by emphasizing positive Futures, Friendships, & Fun.


  • – Mentoring Appointments (one-on-one support)
  • – Driving Program (written test tutoring and gifted lessons)
  • – Attendance Council (comprehensive support group)
  • – Life Hacks Workshops (mental health, college, & more)
  • – College Field Trips, Resources, & Connections
  • – Volunteering

Friendships & Fun

  • – Peer Support Groups (teens helping teens)
  • – Clubs (Art, Karate, DnD)
  • – Movie & Game Nights
  • – Therapy Animals
  • – Field Trips
Peer Support Groups & Mentoring
Garden Club

Teen Lounge Peer Support Groups

Peer Support Groups: Teen Lounge hosts daily support groups to help youth with issues impacting their lives. Current support groups include Creating Healthy Boundaries, Daily Drama (Spill the Tea), and Stress Solvers.

Mentoring: Students can sign up for individual one-on-one sessions for goal-setting, help, or having an adult actively listen to them.


Attendance Council
Clubhouse Triple Play

Teen Lounge & Teen Court Attendance Council

A comprehensive program hosted by both Teen Lounge & Teen Court, designed to support teens with chronic absences and tardies at school. Students will have access to a peer support group for 4 weeks, where mentors will help them create a collaborative action plan for improvement.

Field Trips
Clubhouse Science Club

Teen Lounge Field Trips

Teen Lounge hosts a wide variety of field trips. Local field trips include: beach trips, hiking, kayaking, disc golf arcade, lazer tag, roller skating, and more. Farther field trips include: Trees of Mystery, Prehistoric Gardens. We are also planning overnight field trips to Oregon and the Bay Area!


Movie & Game Nights

Teen Lounge Movie Nights

Every Friday night at 5:30, Teen Lounge hosts the most popular event around, Movie Night! Marc hosts the exciting trivia and you can stick around for a delicious dinner with friends and popcorn while you enjoy a movie that everyone votes on.

Clubs: Art, Karate, Dungeons & Dragons

Passport to Manhood

Teen Lounge Clubs

Teen Lounge hosts a number of peer group clubs.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tuesdays 4-7pm


Art club: Wednesdays 5-5:30 Zentangle

Karate: 6 week sessions, Wednesdays 5:30-6:30



Therapy Animals at Teen Lounge

We frequently have wonderful therapy animals visit the Teen Lounge to interact with our students.



Volunteering at Animal Shelters
Clubhouse Ultimate Journey

Clubhouse Ultimate Journey

Developed in partnership with the National Park Service, the curriculum features age-appropriate modules that introduce young people to aspects of environmental stewardship. It includes fun, experiential, environmental education activities that cultivate an awareness and appreciation of the natural wonders that surround young people.

Life Hacks Workshops

Clubhouse Power Hour

Clubhouse Power Hour

Helps Club members achieve academic success by providing homework help, tutoring, and high-yield learning activities while encouraging members to become self-directed learners.


Driving Program
Clubhouse Cooking Club

Clubhouse Cooking Club

Members learn kitchen safety as well as how to make healthy choices when picking meals. Members will learn how to cook healthy meals with the support of Club staff.

Our Favorite Teen Lounge Adventures