The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods was established in 1938 and serves the community as a youth development program for children ages 6 to 18. All of our sites offer a safe place for our members to learn, play and develop citizenship and leadership skills. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of our members by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and a power of influence, which is the Youth Development Strategy of the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Dedicated professionals and volunteers run the Club five days a week. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods is led by Executive Director Monica Rose, a 20-year veteran of our organization. The Board of Directors are volunteers who dedicate many resources to see that the Club continues to grow and meet the community’s needs.

Board Members:

  • Jaison Chand
  • Michelle Costantine
  • Amanda Dixon
  • Lesley Frisbee – President
  • Jessie James – Vice President
  • Dina Miller
  • Phillip Nicklas – Secretary
  • Lucky Syphanthong
  • Dale Warmuth

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: The philosophy underlying Boys & Girls Club programming is our Youth Development Strategy. This strategy defines how our youth development professionals and volunteers interact with young people. All programs and activities are designed to maximize opportunities for young people to acquire four basic “senses” which help them build self-esteem and grow into responsible and caring citizens. These four “senses” are:

  • A SENSE OF COMPETENCE – the feeling there is something boys and girls can do well.
  • A SENSE OF USEFULNESS – the opportunity to do something of value for other people.
  • A SENSE OF BELONGING – a setting where young people know they “fit” and are accepted.
  • A SENSE OF POWER OR INFLUENCE – a chance to be heard and to influence decisions.