Teen Court


Teen Court is an innovative diversion program for first-time juvenile offenses. It is a real court that is run entirely by teen volunteers. We organize around youth empowerment and restorative justice. Justice for youth by youth!

Youth-led restorative practices have the potential to harness the collective knowledge of youth to shape plans of repair that are achievable and aim to draw youth further into the community, rather than ostracizing or marking youth as undesirable.

In addition to equipping youth with valuable skills, Teen Court also allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of harm and focus on skill-building, affirmation, accountability, and positive behavioral growth, rather than mere punitive discipline.

Humboldt County Teen Court has been a program of the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods since 2001. And in 2023, we expanded with a new location in Fortuna. We partner with the Humboldt County Superior Court, Probation, law enforcement, schools, and community agencies to deliver healthy services to our community. Youth Courts are a national movement.

PHONE/TEXT:  707-617-8160


Located at the United Methodist Church, 922 N Street (enter office back behind church on 10th st)

9:30 AM-6:00 PM

FACEBOOK: Facebook/hcteencourt

YOUTUBE: YouTube/hcteencourt

YOUth CHOOSE:  Prevention for Substance
Using Teens. 
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TEEN COURT is a real court run entirely by teen volunteers addressing infractions and misdemeanor-level offenses. It is a diversion program based on restorative justice, where teens focus on supporting and helping youth instead of merely punishing. Hearings involve a handful of teens who sit and listen to a case and come up with a restorative plan along with the participant. Participants have the option to restore relationships, be held accountable, and move forward without the shadow of a police record.

Location: Gene Lucas Community Center, 3000 Newburg Rd, Fortuna

Times:  4:15-6:00pm, Wednesdays

“I think things through before I do them, I have a better relationship with my parents, my choice of friends- it has made a huge impact on everything. I understand ‘respect’ and how important it is every day!

-Former Participant

YOUth Choose


YOUth Choose is a FREE alcohol and other drug early intervention for young people.
2 interactive sessions are one-on-one with an adult facilitator. An additional session with a parent/guardian is optional. The program is voluntary or court mandated. Virtual or in-person. Anonymous and confidential. Referrals can be sent through email, the referral button below, or call (707) 617-8160. Youth and parents can also call on their own and self-refer. Sessions cover:

  •        Identifying resources and support
  •        Reflecting on decisions
  •        How to make positive changes through action plans

Location: Fortuna Teen Court Office, 922 N St (enter on 10th) or Virtual

Times: by appointment


If you are in 8th-12th grade and interested in becoming a Teen Court volunteer, you can email/text/call us about an opportunity to observe a hearing before making a commitment to apply. You can also just watch the orientation video to learn more, and then get in touch with us to ask any questions. Or do the 3 easy steps below and start volunteering right away!

3 Easy Steps to Start Volunteering:

1: Watch our Orientation Video


2: Fill Out Our FORTUNA Application


3: Start Volunteering!

You’ll still need to attend our 2-hour jury training when it is offered, typically held in the fall and spring. But you can start volunteering with us right now.

Raven Majors
Fortuna Teen Court

Raven was raised in California and graduated high school from Arcata High. She enjoys reading and writing and has developed an interest in crochet. Raven has been involved in the community with non-profits, such as Arcata House Partnership, as well as volunteering at the local elementary schools that her son attends.

As a mother, Raven sees the healthy development of children as a vital component of our society and has always wanted to make a positive difference with youth. She looks forward to the opportunities that the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods will provide in this regard, and hopes to steward the Fortuna Teen Court program to become an integral part of the support systems in the Eel River Valley.