Child Safety

Child Safety Is Job No. 1

At Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods, Child Safety is Our Top Priority

Child Safety at Boys & Girls Clubs

The safety of young people at Boys & Girls Clubs is always our top priority. Youth who are mentally and physically safe are better able to learn, grow, and thrive.  Boys & Girls Clubs of America works continuously to enhance safety policies, practices, and trainings to ensure they are centered on youth’s needs. There is nothing more important to us than keeping children safe and protected.

Boys & Girls Clubs do not tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind, including child sexual abuse or misconduct. From strict adherence to policies and guidelines within Club facilities and staffing structure, to equipping young people with the critical thinking and social-emotional skills to make healthy, safe choices, ensuring Club members are safe is the first step to their success.

Background Checks

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods conducts criminal background checks of all employees, including minors; board volunteers and others who serve on a standing committee; and all other volunteers, including partners and minors, who have direct repetitive contact with minors.

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Critical Incident Investigation

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods takes all incidents seriously and is committed to supporting external investigations of all reported incidents and allegations or internal investigations by the Safety Committee when not an externally reportable incident.
Federal, state and local criminal and or mandated child abuse reporting laws must be complied with before any consideration of an internal investigation. The internal investigation should never be viewed as a substitute for a required criminal or child protective services investigation.
In the event that an incident involves an allegation against a staff member, volunteer or Club member, the Club shall suspend that individual immediately (employees with pay) and maintain the suspension throughout the course of the investigation.

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Child Abuse Orientation

Preventive Action:

  • All staff will be oriented on mandated reporting procedures.
  • All staff will be oriented regarding warning signs and indicators of child abuse and neglect.
  • All staff will be trained regarding appropriate discipline and supervision of members.
  • All staff members will participate in a yearly mandated reports training provide by Child Welfare Services.
  • New staff will participate in a four hour online training as instructed by their supervisor within the first week of employment.

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Reference Check Policy

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods conducts reference checks on any candidate for employment or volunteer with direct repetitive contact with young people. Should candidates for employment have previous experience with a Boys & Girls Club, information on the candidate’s eligibility for rehire/volunteering must be obtained from all previous Boys & Girls Clubs for which the candidate worked prior to extending an offer for employment or volunteer service. Additionally, the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods provides reference materials when asked by other Member Organizations.

Technology Policy - Acceptable Use Policy for Members

An Acceptable Use Policy defines appropriate use of computer equipment and the internet for both staff and members, as approved by the Board of Directors and signed by each staff member and placed in their membership file.

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