T-Ball is a program lets lets kids learn the basics. Please read the T-Ball FAQ’s below.

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What age must my child be to participate?

  • Children must be at least 4 years old.

How do I register my child for T-Ball?

  • You can register your child online, print a paper form to mail in or deliver in person at our Admin Office at: 939 Harris Street, Eureka, CA 95503.

When are practices and games?

  • Practices will be held the first two weeks of the season.

Where are practices and games held?

  • You can find information on home field locations. Please refer to the program schedule posted on the t-ball homepage for the location of your child’s practice or game.

How much does T-Ball cost?

  • Registration fees are $65 per child. Late registration after February 15th may not be accepted. If accepted, a late fee of $15 will apply. Fees can be paid by mail, in person or online.

I’m interested in coaching my child’s team, how do I get involved?

  • Coaching at the T-Ball level can be done by anyone with the interest in doing so; little to no knowledge of baseball is needed. We provide coaches with a Coach Handbook to guide them through the season from the first phone call to team parents, through the end of the season recognition. It is essential to get enough volunteer coaches for T-Ball to proceed through the season smoothly. We encourage parents to get involved. All of our coaches much complete a background check. In order to start this process, interested coaches must complete a volunteer application. This can be picked up at any of our locations, or printed.

 I or my business would like to sponsor a team, how do I do that?

  • Our T-Ball program offers three levels of sponsorships: a Team Sponsor, a Division Sponsor and a League Sponsor. Sponsorship forms can be picked up at our Admin Office at: 939 Harris Street in Eureka.

What equipment does my child need?

  • We will provide a team t-shirt and a hat. Your child will need a properly fitting mitt and comfortable clothing. Baseball pants and cleats are not necessary at this level of play. There are gloves made for right-handed and left-handed throwers. For example, if your child throws right-handed, they need a RH glove, which sits on the left hand. Left-handed throwers need a LF glove that sits on the right hand.


I’ve registered my child and paid, now what?

  • You should receive a confirmation of your paid registration within 1 week and be contacted the week of March 8th with your team information. If either of these haven’t happened, please contact our administration office at 707-441-1030.

How do I know if my child is ready for baseball, or if they should play T-Ball?

  • Remember T-Ball is about learning the basics. Does your child play baseball with you, older siblings, or friends? Is your child comfortable attempting to hit a ball that is tossed towards them? Has your child played a year or more of T-Ball? These are some good questions to ask to help make a decision. For many children, the next step from T-Ball is a coach pitch program. If you are still unsure, give us a call or contact one of the handful of baseball programs in our area that can help you determine if their specific program is right for your child.

It’s raining on a practice/game day, what do I do?

  • If it is raining on game day, the coach will contact parents by 2pm to let them know the game was canceled. If you have not heard from the coach and it is after 2pm, parents can call coach to confirm. The decision on if weather conditions are too poor for play is made between coaches.

What if my child can’t make a practice/game?

  • Please contact your coach if your child cannot attend a practice or game. We understand some kids may arrive late, but try to be on time.

Where are the Home Fields?

  • The Home fields will be in Eureka, Arcata, and McKinleyville.

Are there refunds once you have registered your child?

  • No, there are absolutely no refunds. Once you have paid and registered your child they are enrolled for T-Ball 2020. Trophies, Team T-Shirts, & Trophies are ordered and cannot be returned. (A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.)

How do I get quick info if I need help?

  • Always keep in touch with your coach for updates. If you can’t get a hold of your coach and need immediate help, please text the T-Ball Hotline at (707) 633-8783 or email at You can also check for T-Ball updates on our website at