Our Clubs

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Boys & Girls Clubs were built to be your place.                               

The Clubs are set up to be laid-back and fun. You can grab a snack after school, spend some time in the computer lab, play a little foosball in the games room, get help with homework…or just hang out with friends.

We’re all about giving you cool things to do and cool people to do them with.

Official Member

When you join the Club, you’ll get your own membership card that you use every time you come to the Club. You can come as often or as little as you want to, it’s your call. The Club will be there for you when you need it.

Club Staff

The people who work at the Clubs are understanding and down to earth. They know their stuff so they can help you get through your homework, or maybe they’ll just shoot some pool with you or listen when you need to vent about a bad day.

Programs and Activities

There are always a million things going on at the clubs. On any given day there are sports activities, maybe a cooking class, an art project, or a computer activity such as mixing your own music or cutting a video. Beyond the everyday activities, we’ve got other programs like the Keystone Club and the Torch Club, groups of kids that meet to help volunteer in the community. In the summer there are always fun field trips to go on and great local places to explore.

Summer Fun

Our clubs offer year-round enrichment and fun. Check in with the club nearest you to get information about hours.

What does it cost to join the Club?

We work hard to keep things affordable for you and your family. The annual membership cost is $30. If that seems like something you can't afford, then be sure to talk to the staff at the Club; we will never turn anyone away for inability to pay!

Kid FAQs

What kinds of things are there to do at the Club?

When you come to the club you can find all kinds of fun things to do. We’ve got computer labs, art rooms, and sports activities. Every club also has a games room with pool tables, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, and things like that. The club can also help you get your homework done and can give you a little tutoring on those tricky subjects. Also, you’ll always get a snack at the Club when you come in after school.

How do I become a member?

The best way to become a member is to go in to your local club after school and talk to any member of the staff. You’ll need to fill out a form or two, pay a small fee, and then you’ll be the proud owner of your own membership card to the club. That card will allow you to come to the club every single day if you want to.