Teen Center

Our Mission

We empower youth to reach their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens through professionally led programs and activities that are fun, positive and relevant in a safe, supportive and healthy environment.


1705 Gwin Road, McKinleyville, CA  95519


Program Director:
Marie Ream
Phone: (707) 840-0304


School Year:
Mon-Fri  3pm-7pm

Mon-Fri  12pm-6pm


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Register now online or stop by the Teen Center or Admin Office at 939 Harris, Eureka

About Us

Each day, McKinleyville Teen Center offers a variety of activities and programs that foster community, diversity, smart decision making, a positive self-esteem and kindness. Safety is our #1 priority. We strive to be relevant and inclusive. We work to provide opportunities for youth to grow and succeed. We offer help with school work and encourage youth to value their education. We create fun opportunities for youth to relax and let go, and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

 Join Us!

Our Membership fees for new members is $30 and for returning members it is $25. This fee includes daily snacks, daily group activities, special meals, adventures and more. Additional fees may apply for specific special events and some of our field trips.

A message from the the Teen Center’s Program Director

December 2022

 Dear Parent(s) &/or Guardian(s),

Each day we offer an activity or program that provides opportunities for fun, learning and growth. Our staff are invested in helping your youth be the best they can be. We are here to help your  youth not only succeed at the Club and in life but also in school. We offer help with homework and school projects each day. Let us know how we can help!

Here is what we have coming up!

December is Universal Human Rights Month
Dec. 2:  Cal Poly Humboldt Campus Visit
Dec. 5:  Volunteer Day Project
Dec. 6:  Monthly Art Project
Dec. 8:  Family Dinner Night – 5:30pm
Dec. 12:  Cycling Club
Dec. 16:  Holiday Party
Dec. 19-22:  Club hours, 12pm-6pm
Dec. 23 & 26:  Club is Closed
Dec. 27-30:  Club hours, 12pm-6pm

Many good wishes to you and yours this Holiday Season!


Marie Ream, Program Director


December Calendar
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Engage. Inspire. Empower.

For Kids and Teens of All Ages and Interests.

Explore innovative programs designed to empower youth to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives.

The programs listed below are offered at McKinleyville Teen Center.

Power Hour

Members receive help with homework, school projects, job applications and resumes.

Cook Masters

Members learn skills in the kitchen and how to create affordable, healthy dishes.


Members learn to care for, de-weed, and grow their own gardens.

Photo Club

Members learn basic photography and editing skills as well as travel to scenic locations to take photos.

Girls Group

A health and wellbeing education that increases self-esteem and smart decision making.

Guys Group

A health and wellbeing education that increases self-esteem and smart decision making.

Safe Zone

A safe space for LGBTQ+ members and allies to gather and discuss their lives and learn how to navigate society.

Triple Play

Designed to incorporate healthy habits, emphasizing good nutrition, physical activity, and improving overall well-being.

Youth for Unity

A program that provides the groundwork for youth to better understand diversity and combat the injustices of prejudice and discrimination.


A critical-thinking and decision making program designed to address bullying, drugs, sexual harassment and more.


Members play Dungeons and Dragons together.

Free Time

Members engage in numerous activities that allow for fun and relaxation.

Art Unlimited

Projects like drawing, painting, print-making and crafting. This club meets every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Cycling Club

Our Cycling Club bikes the various trails in McKinleyville. This club meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The McKinleyville Teen Center focuses on three priority outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. We also provide our members the opportunity to engage in programs that will enable them to develop positive self images and reach their full potential.

Fall Schedule

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