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My son's reading was assessed last year at the end of first grade and he tested really low. He was recently tested again at the beginning of second grade and his scores dramatically improved. His teacher was really surprised that his reading scores could improve that much over summer vacation! Thank you Coach Michelle and Junior Giants for making reading such a big part of a summer baseball league, it really helped my son start his second grade year off on the right foot! Many thanks! --Brooke S.




The Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Junior Giants Program is more than just baseball.
It's a free, non-competitive, co-ed baseball program for underserved boys and girls, ages 5-13. Working together with local agencies, parents, and volunteers, Junior Giants offers youth a chance to learn the basics of baseball during the summer, while also discovering the importance of self-esteem and respect. Participants are taught the Junior Giants Four Bases of Character Development: Confidence, Integrity, Leadership and Teamwork as well as fundamental lessons in Education, Health and Violence Prevention.

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Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Junior Giants

Host Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit & Run and first-ever Jr Home Run Derby Competitions!

April 30th, 11am-2pm - Carson Park, Eureka

Come out and show your stuff and earn a chance to attend the 2016 MLB™ All-Star Game®!

Pitch, Hit & Run™ is the official skills  competition of Major League Baseball®. Boys and girls are divided into four age divisions: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and have the chance to advance through four levels of competition, including Team Championships at Major League ballparks and the National Finals at the 2016 MLB™ All-Star Game®.


The individual Pitching, Hitting and Running Champions, along with the All-Around Champion in each age and gender group at the Local Competition will be awarded and advance to the Sectional Level of Competition.


Jr Home Run Derby is new for 2016! Major League Baseball is looking for the next Home Run Derby CHAMP! Open to both girls and boys in two divisions, 12U & 14U.

Participants for both events must bring a copy of their birth certificate and have their parent or guardian fill out a registration/waiver form prior to the start of the competition.

Our Eureka competitions will take place April 30th 11am-2pm at Carson Park on the corner of Buhne and H Street.






Special Thank You To Our Local Program Sponsors

For Helping Bring This Program To Humboldt County




Special Thank You To Our Local Community Partners

For Working With Us To Carry Out This Program



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