The Boys & Girls Club is proud to announce a new exciting event – The Wild Goat Race. We created this event to offset some of our losses from having to cancel other events due to COVID. The event will take place on August 22nd. This year the race will be a virtual event streamed online for everyone to enjoy. Next year when restrictions lift, we hope to have the event at the Humboldt County Fair and make it an annual fundraiser.


Essentially, we are going to release some goats on the racetrack and see which goat makes it to the finish line first. There will be no pressure, the goats can take their time, go the wrong way…. That is part of the fun. We will have a bucket of grain at the finish line to get them going in the right direction.


How to Participate
You can participate by buying $5 raffle tickets to bet on the goats. Check out the goats on the poster. Each one has a number. You can buy as many tickets as you want and bet on one or multiple goats. We will take all the raffle tickets that were placed on the winning goat and put them in a raffle for three great prizes including:

  1. Humboldt’s Temptation Basket valued at $1000
  2. A Private Poker Party and Dinner for 20 at Cher-Ae Heights Casino
  3. A Special Cocktail Party and Dinner for 8

On August 22nd after 4pm come back to this page and there will be a link to view the race. Raffle winners will be notified and posted by August 29th. Deadline to buy tickets August 21st at noon.

This event was made possible by our generous event sponsors, our goat sponsors and our partners!


Event Sponsors:

Event Partners: