Cruz’n Eureka

Welcome to Cruz’n Eureka’s cruise! Our event will be held September 9-11, 2021. The cost is $10-$55 per registration and supports local youth!



Route: Cars will be led by one of our sponsors, Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Eureka, south to Washington st., left on Broadway, right on 5th St.  The loop will be Broadway at 5th, left on Myrtle Ave. to 4th St. down to Broadway making a forced left, then left on 5th St.


Registration will happen on site.

  • Please stay in your cars and a trained volunteer will assist you.
  • Wear your mask when you are approached by Cruz’n volunteers.
  • Have exact change, your own pen and hard surface will be helpful.

Participant Rules:

  • Vehicles must stay in the far left lane on 4th and 5th St.
  • Please follow all traffic codes and laws.
  • No burnouts, throwing candy, or pets.
  • All vehicles must be street legal.
  • When exiting your vehicles, please wear facial coverings and practice social distancing.

The History of Cruz’n Eureka

Since 1993 Cruz’n Eureka has become an iconic annual event for the car community here on the North Coast. The last 26 shows raising over $200,000 to support local youth. With local community support, we hope 2020 will be a record year.

History of Cruz’n Eureka: Twenty-seven years ago the vehicle cruise seen had become an issue on fourth and Fifth street. All three lanes north and south were often full of Gear Head car people. While for all practical purposes it was a huge social gathering on Friday night sometimes lasting into the early morning. We suspect Cal-Trans and the city were forced to do something. So an ordinance  was created “ no more legal cruising in Eureka.”


City of Eureka policeman Lance Madsen ( a champion for Boys & Girls Club) who has since passed, and a small band of others started a car show in Henderson center. The event was to become Cruz’N Eureka. The event was made a benefit for our local Boys & Girls of the Redwoods. This went on in Henderson center for a couple of years, but burn out was/is inevitable and at some juncture the event was handed off to Laurie Thietje-Furtado. Laurie and her group of friends made the event a fundraiser for Make a Wish. This went on for 10-15 years.


At some point the event outgrew Henderson center so the event moved to Halverson park. Here the event grew a great cruise route through old town, and the Car Show grew too so to encompass second street from C st to G street. There was a sock hop and poker run, while the sock hop was fun there was never enough participation to keep it going. Then Laurie’s Health took a dive. ( the problem with doing too much ) Laurie was aware of Dale Warmuth and Sondra Kirkley’s involvement with Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods. She asked if Dale and Sondra were interested in taking the event back. Dale, Sondra, Tim O’brien and his wife Teresa, Jason Henderson ( who since passed ) all continued to show their interest in cars and kids welfare of the north coast.